Monday, November 24, 2008


Sometimes people tattoo things on their skin so they have constant reminders. I don't think I will be getting a tattoo any time soon and if there were words, I'd never want this many, but if those two things didn't matter, I would want this tattooed on me:

I am enough
I have enough
I love enough
I risk enough
I fill enough
I get enough
I handle enough
I am loved enough
I am healed enough
I am ready enough
I am enough


because sometimes I forget, but it's true


Or at least-- I want it to be.

1 comment:

Rebecca Stay said...

Hi: I found your site thru Heather's. And it was JUST what I needed today. Thanks for reminding me that I am enough.
And so are you.
I'm glad to hear you are having good adventures in Chicago and I really enjoyed your commentary on the art of riding trains/busses.
Come visit when you're home.