Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Czech

Here is the information on my work camp for anyone who is interested...

Straight from the SCI website:

"Location: Kostelecke Horky in Eastern Bohemia is a small village with about 150 inhabitants situated in the rolling landscape between Divoka and Ticha Orlice rivers. It is situated in North Eastern Bohemia, not far from the town Hradec Kralove, 6 km from the important railway junction Chocen. You will help local NGO INEX SDA Kostelecke Horky.

Work: Work will be mainly manual. Organisation branch runs two building, where work will take place. The first one is building of training centre. The main work for volunteers will painting, cleaning, gardening (making the hey) and other small reconstruction works. The second one is rural centre of Blue stone house used for environmental education programmes in schools, where volunteers will help with building/reconstruction works making the fences, etc. It will be main part of work on this project.

Accommodation and board : Basic in a former village school (bathroom, hot water available), sleeping bag needed. Cooking together from local and common resources in a school kitchen.

Leisure activities: Traditional folklore event "burning of witches" (1.5), bring your music instruments. Volunteers can make a trips to surroundings towns (Litomysl, Rychnov nad Kneznou, Letohrad,...) and visit old castle ruins (Potstejn, Litice) and very beatifull scenery of Orlicke mountains)"

Does it sound lovely?

I love adventures!

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Lauren S said...

Look into this:
one of my good friends growing up loves it here...she has worked there and this will be her 5th year working at this camp. They do have theatre people and put on 3 plays each year. I don't know if you are still looking, but it is an option for you.