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As dangerous as this may be to say (don't want to jinx anything), my first summer in Ohio has not been so boring. The first month in the States has, like so many other months of my life, flown by. I am still day-jobless, but am a bit burnt out from the pursuit. I do, however, have my nights filled and a project or two in late June/July.

My last two weekends have been wonderful. The week between the two included some time with friends and even a trip down to Akron to see Mike. Mike, was a senior when I was a freshman in high school. I, like most other girls in theatre, had a crush on him and constantly looked to him for reassurance- which he consistently gave. Six and a half years later I am slightly more knowledgeable and he is still as wonderful as ever (and on his way to a PhD). Woo! I like seeing mike and it was a well needed trip, as it has been a year or two since we last got together. There was nothing of urgency to do or say so we just hung out. We got something to eat, took his dog for a walk, and sat on his front porch. Porch sitting is one of my favorite activities so this was a great way to spend an evening.
Seeing him reminded me of the importance of growing. Something I have consciously struggled with since returning to the States is how to not go backwards. I prefer who I was March-May to the person whom I was most of the time before. I want to continue to positively change. When I couldn't name the characteristics of the self I was in late Spring, Mike asked me what did I do?
I didn't immediately have an answer, but in the next week I thought about this question. What did I do? After all, people's picture of you is painted by your actions more than your thoughts. I came up with a small list and I am feeling better about it. After all, I am living an amazing part of my life. There isn't a string tying me down that can't be easily undone. When will I ever have this again? I should enjoy it, savour it.

I visited Mike on the 10th of June, the same day I dropped off the notes and cards in MJ's school mailbox. It's a great feeling to think someone is finally getting some of her good back- and you're helping. I have since received a wonderful thank you from her and we shall get together soon :)

That Thursday/Friday were auditions. We ended up extending them to Monday to get a few more people. They went really well. It's great to have so many excited people involved. We could still use a couple boys if you know any.

Mid-week I hit a lonely spell, but it was short-lived and while I have to stay fully in the present and very proactive, I think I can fight the re-occurrence.

Coming off that (mostly) positive week, I was excited for the weekend. My sister was coming home and we (along with our parents) were going to a wedding that Saturday. Friday, Mom and I stayed up and cleaned out her closet. Around 130 my parents and I went to the train station and picked up my sister. I woke up, went on another slow run and then prepped for the wedding.
If you remember the Card Group, usually referred to around Christmas when we have our progressive dinner, the wedding was for one of the members of the card Group, Melissa. Melissa is the older sister of the friend who showed me around NYC in January.

It was a beautiful wedding. It was great, not just because the bridal party was gorgeous and the reception food was delicious, but because the Bride and Groom radiated happy, loving energy. They made a great effort to socialize with all their guests and had a great task force behind them to make sure things ran smoothly. The wedding was especially enjoyable for me because it was one of the few that I knew a large percent of people. I had a great time dancing and catching up here and there with people I only see a few times each year.

That night my family slept over at a family friend's house and stayed up past 3 a.m. playing games and just having a good time. Inevitably, when the lights went out, I passed out. My brain had stopped functioning an hour or two before.

The next morning I dropped my sister off at the bus station to go back to Chicago. The bus stop is near where a mall used to be. The mall is currently being torn down. It is a very cool sight. I wish a few plays could be performed in the area before they tore it all down.

Afterward I joined my parents at the post-wedding brunch. It was nice to have another day with these friends (and in regular clothes- how I recognize them). It's a hard group to explain. They're all wonderful people, similar to family, but slightly crazier and more-- more something. It's nice to have them. They're a bonus group most people aren't lucky to have. I don't know who swallows the goldfish at those weddings :)

After the brunch my parents and I went to my Grandparents' house. I showed my Grandma my scrapbook and she let me take one of her sewing machines home to work on some projects! Did I mention this summer wouldn't be boring?! It's always good to see my grandparents. I am going to visit them again this weekend.

When I arrived home, I went to a friend's graduation party where I was reminded of my embarrassing lack of ability to throw a frisbee... and of my age. I didn't expect to know many people there. Jess and I ran together and I knew there wouldn't be a particularly large amount of old runners (the people I'd know). However, everyone at my table was someone-I-knew's younger sister. Ikes. Even the boyfriend of my friend is a kid I graduated with's younger brother.

Monday and Tuesday I ran with Tealla. I think I need new shoes. They were rough runs: embarrassingly slow. Perhaps I'll be faster when I see T again in two weeks.

Monday went well at theatre. Four more people auditioned and everyone else helped move things from the barn. Tuesday we did a read-through and there seemed to be a lot of excitement for this funny show. I'm looking forward to working with this great group of people. I've heard people say they don't want to commit to doing the show and lose their social life. I'm not sure who they have been doing theatre with, but I think that if it's true, it's a great exchange.

So I've been spending good times with wonderful people and trying not to sleep too late recovering from late night hangouts, productive evenings or late night reading sessions.

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