Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trinity Sunday

Happy Trinity Sunday!

Today my church celebrated its 50th anniversary. We had many of our founding members with us as well as most of our past pastors and/or their children. Elizabeth, the Synod Bishop and all of our past organists (we have only had 3 in our 50 year history... one for 45 of those years) were also there. Trinity did a great job of publicizing our "Unity Sunday" and has had many events leading up to this one. We mixed all of the services together and had one crowded parking lot. The pews were filled in the best kind of way. I haven't been to Trinity in 6 months so it was also nice to catch up. My parents have been out of town a lot so they were also grateful for the opportunity. The synod Bishop gave a great sermon and referenced how close knit, yet open and friendly our congregation seems (and is). It really is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

After the service we went to "Vermilion on the Lake," which is where, 50 years ago, our church was born. It was actually used as a dance hall at night and every Sunday morning they'd bring in the pulpit and the alter and wipe down and move out the tables. At VOL we had prayer, lunch, awards and a variety of speakers. It was interesting to hear "old timers" reflect on the beginnings and others to reflect on the progression. I had a great time laughing and catching up with some of my favorite church members. It was yet another great reminder of how many people are out there to share with. It's very easy for friends to be like those doors of opportunity... you spend so long staring at the ones walking away that you forget to greet the ones showing up. One speaker while talking said we don't know what we have, but you know, when you start searching for a Church somewhere else, you do. And I think I do know. It's another family. It's a support system and it's a well of love where everyone gets a bucket. When you're united in Christ, something endless and powerful, it makes it possible to be that.

Well, either way, I had a great Sunday and after 5 hours I came home. I must admit, due to my recent inability to fall asleep at a decent hour, I was a little cranky. Despite this, my mom managed to get me out of the house to Mill Hollow with her, my dad, Lori, and the two dogs: Lizzy and Cody. I ran with Lizzy for a little while and then gave her back to them so that she didn't get tired. Then I continued off while my parents and Lori walked. At first it was a difficult run. It was terribly humid and I'm still out of shape (apparently it takes more than a week and a half to get back in shape. Darn.) But, it ended well and I was glad to get out for another 40 minutes. I rewarded myself with non (or low)-fat vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and raspberries in it after dinner. While we ate our ice cream, my parents and I watched a movie kinda-on George Cohan... what a cool guy. It was a good night.

Yesterday was a great day too. I wanted to go running, but ran out of time in the morning. I had bought a Richard Simmons video at Goodwill the day before (pause for confusion and/or laughter) so my mom and I got a good laugh and a good workout out of that. Then I got ready and went to John and McCartney's wedding shower.
Let me take a moment to say that while I think marriage is a lovely thing, but it boggles my mind how many of my friends have their facebook status as "married" or "engaged"-- and mean it.
Ah, but yes, McCartney and John's shower... it was so great to see everyone. If you don't know already, I love the whole Melick family. Mrs. Melick even introduced me to a person or two as "everyone's friend". A title like that (or the alternative of "crazy aunt") is part of the reason I feel so fully Sara when I'm at the Melick's house. I am (hopefully) seeing Christy tomorrow since we always have catching up to do. I was sad to leave the excitement, but I had made plans to go kayaking so between the two parties at their house, off I went.
And Aaron was great and even skipped out of dinner, saying he'd eat when he got back, and we went kayaking right away. We went down to Vermilion, just past Romp's and kayaked around. There were bugs galore (ew), but it was otherwise really nice. I'm looking forward to going kayaking a lot more this summer. Please let me know if you'd like to go. We own 2 kayaks so unless you own one it's just us, but it can be really relaxing... or a really good workout, depending on what you are looking for.

When we got home we took the kayaks off the car and I somehow lost my dad's key... still haven't found it. This is why you should always leave keys on the key ring.
I had dinner and then had a chance to talk to Schae-schae, one of my best friends. We try to talk fairly often because it's hard to keep up-to-date since we're always off causing trouble. I just wish we lived closer together! Hopefully we'll be able to see each other soon.

After that phone call I talked to my sister for awhile. Actually, they were in the other order. All the same, I caught up with my sister too. I'm very excited to see her next Saturday!!

After phone use I got looking at jobs (stillll looking) and then attempted to fall asleep for way too long. With the exception of the lack of a job and inability to fall asleep at night, it's been a great weekend... lots of quality time with good people!

And now I'm listening to Tom Petty non-stop since my friend John got one Petty song stuck in my head.

Oh Tom, you are so right, "Good love is hard to find" and I do "belong amongst the wildflowers... somewhere I feel free".

Goodnight to all and may the Peace of the Lord be with you Always.

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Anna Jo said...

So there are a whole bunch of things I could comment about in this post, but it's late so I'll choose one topic:

I love that you gave a shout-out to Tom. I hope he is an avid reader and comments after me.

PS Tom, if you're reading this, I love you too. I've seen you in concert once, but I'd love free tickets to another show if at all possible. Thanks so much!

xoxo anna jo