Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Internal Clock is off Again.

Miller and I got together today. We went to target and bought John and McCartney's wedding shower present. I like shopping for presents for other people. We also went to Goodwill and I saw two kids whom I know I know, but couldn't think of their names for the life of me.

Tonight my mom had to work late. I'm not positive of the time that she went in, but she probably ended up working over 13 hours. My dad was making sirloin steak with roasted peppers and mushrooms on the grill, a salad with mandarin oranges, and a fruit salad with watermelon, raspberries and bananas. I knew that my mom, in attempt to get home quickly would be not stopping for dinner so my dad and I drove it over to her. She was really glad to see us and the food.

When I came home my dad and I had dinner and then I went running once my food settled. I ran 40 minutes and had my dad pick me up at Harris. Four and a half miles at 9 minute mile pace... it's encouraging and discouraging at the same time. After I came home, showered, and talked to my mom had the chance to talk to two friends and --

I am actually going to stop the entry right there. It's 2:32 am. I'm not even trying to fall asleep. I've had trouble falling asleep for over a week now, but I didn't expect myself to totally resign.

The point of this entry was to say I'm always disappointed with myself when I bring trouble to people's life and that I really enjoy a lot of people in my life. Tomorrow, for example I get to go to a wedding shower and see an AMAZING friend who I haven't seen since December since she is going to school in Texas. Then I am going kayaking with another friend. Our plans fell through (as they do, haha) Thursday, but tomorrow will be kayaking and it'll be lovely.


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