Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's My Age Again?

Megan call me last night. She was going to the high school cross country practice and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I said sure and showed up this morning. I ran with her for a bit and then ran with Julia for the rest of the run. It was a good run. I don't know most of the people, but they're all crazy, little, and friendly as usual. I was sitting on the grass talking to three sophomores and two freshmen about their up-coming schedules. As it turned out I knew almost none of the teachers they had because so many of mine retired. At one point I asked the girls their names and one said her name and then said, "oh, you probably know my brother though..." She told me his name and not a single bell rang. I asked what year he graduated. She explained he was a senior this year. So... her older brother, who, to her, seems quite a bit older, was in 8th grade when I graduated. We never met, haha.

However, I am 20. I'm sticking to the rational that I am not old at all. I mean, when I go into bars in NY I will be the youngest person most of the time. And even 10-15 years when I'm not the youngest... oh well, it's all relative. And to myself, I am juuust right.

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