Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We'll see each other at Christmas

I am hoping to get an internship this Spring while I'm in London. The theatre I am really hoping to get is Kings Head Theatre. This is the show showing the 7th-25th of January. Even if they don't want me to intern for them, I will definitely try to go see this show (as long as it doesn't sell out before I get there). I would want to see this show in the US, but I'm especially excited to see if they use American accents and if so, what they sound like!

In other news:
These last 11 days here in Holland are bittersweet. I am ready to go back home, but not eager to do all the things I have to complete first. And it's occurred to me lately that I really enjoy the people in my life and wish I was able to spend more time with them when I'm not stressed. Just today there were some nice moments. Working in the costume shop this morning was enjoyable. I prefer working Tuesdays (over Thursdays, the other day I work) because I get to hang out with Jeri and we're both so busy that we don't see each other all that often otherwise. And later today Brittany and I worked on this ridiculous Gypsum Mine report that I could do without, but we spent some time talking then. And it was really nice to realize we're both in the same position. We both have put our 1st priority in front of our priority of getting good grades and are sometimes discouraged by it, but overall we have to be apathetic because we made the right choices. She had an amazing show (1940s Radio Hour) and I have a resume with more things from the past 2 years on my resume than most people have from the last 5. And yes, I'm getting a bit apathetic these days, but don't worry, I'm still Sara... I'm just worrying about my apathy instead.

My Thanksgiving was lovely. I spent a little bit of time with Aaron on Saturday and a couple hours with Alexis Saturday night. I would probably have an easier time this week if I hadn't, but it was really nice spending time with them so it was worth it. The rest of my time was spent either prepping for London, working on school stuff or spending time with my family. Friday I went on what was probably the longest shopping trip I've ever gone on without crying during it, haha. I'm not a shopper, but it was a good shopping day. Spending Thanksgiving and the days following it with my family was needed. My grandparents spent the four days with us and I regret not being able to spend more time talking with them, but it's just nice to have them around. My brother and sister were both in town so it was a full house of 7, but a happy, full house :) The food was delicious and it was an all-in-all good time. Thanksgiving morning my siblings and I even did the annual 10k turkey trot. It's one of my favorite traditions (right up there with Christmas tree shopping and Easter egg dying). It might take a little more coaxing to get them to do it again next year, but we do it every year that we're in town in the morning so I see no reason to stop the tradition now :)

Well, there are things to do and-- more things to do. Sorry the updates have been few and far between.

Also, if anyone has the financial capabilities to donate to a theatre in need. This one is pretty awesome and could use your help :)

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