Monday, September 27, 2010

And then you remember

As presented [in long form] in my last entry, I've been fighting a severe case of the negativity bug. When this bug is in full force I have difficulty being cheerful/nice/the like, in response to negative comments. This leaves me feeling unlike my self, or at least the self I'd like to identify as. Lately I have been feeding off of the negative comments, replying in agreement at the negativity, or being negative about the negativity. Either way, I've lost.

Today was different. Or at least, since 6:00 it has been different. After work I went to the post office! On the way I passed that the little tiny market that I always see when walking to this post office or my favourite veggie burger location and it was actually open! It is always closed when I walk by and today there were 10 whole minutes before it closed. I stopped in, figuring that the prices would probably be outrageous, but the peppers went on sale AS I was looking at them (the guy cut the price almost in half as I was standing there) and everything else looked great and was priced even better. I bought 1 green pepper, 1 red pepper, a small bag of sun tried tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, and a little thing of hazelnuts for $6.31! A steal! I can't remember the last time I was so happy after buying food. I was happier than the other day when Lindsay and I bought ice cream. I left there and mailed the package. I love mail, sending and receiving. As I departed it DOWNPOURED. It was the sort of rain I used to love, but have enjoyed less as I began to have to sit in a train for 40 minutes while cold and wet afterward (or 8+ hours if it's on my way to work) and since carrying things with me that could die when wet. I put my phone in one of the plastic bags with the vegetables and just walked, soaking the rain up. So cleansing! The sidewalks need to be rinsed off even more often than they are.

As I was walking to my Subway I passed two teenage girls under an umbrella waiting for tickets for a show.
Girl 1: You must be DYING without an umbrella
Me: *hands to air* Nah, just wet!
Girl 2: Awww, *Looks at Girl 1 like I have a point and they both laugh, in good spirits*

It was the perfect good perspective moment. I was glad to be back in it. A little bit of dinner and a good shower later, I definitely believe that rain doesn't make for the miserable day everyone kept saying it was.
Remember when I was in love with the rain?

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