Thursday, September 23, 2010

For the rest of the month!

When I think about the goal for myself, it is one week... just one week. However, when I word it for others I'll say for the REST OF THE MONTH; it sounds more impressive.

After reading my friend, Heather's post on Mother Runner I have decided to join her (for at least the first week, she's doing a full month) in giving up sugar. Okay, not sugar from my entire diet. Fruit has sugar. Peanut butter has sugar. It's a natural ingredient. It is the sugary snacks that I am going to kick for the next week. For those of you who have never lived with me or spent large amounts of time with me you may not be aware of the amount of chocolate and sweets I consume. I've been known to have 5lb bags of chocolate chips in my desk drawer for late night study sessions and Reese's in the freezer, peanut butter M&M's the backpack and... well, all sorts of things... just in case. I tend to consume more than 2 servings of chocolate a day... more than.
This will be a bit of an undertaking.
That said...

Today is the start of Autumn and with the start of a new season, I would like to have more control over my eating habits and emotions. Emotional eating is giving in to them... saying, "I can't handle you so let me focus on something that makes my taste buds happy since that is the only thing I can please". I also tend to eat out of boredom. I enjoy the people I work with and am grateful for having a job; However, I am not always as intellectually stimulated as I'd desire to be so when work is quiet and I get tired of reading or writing or "just don't feel like it," I eat instead. Sometimes it is a result of not feeling useful or feeling... just feeling.

So, today is the start.

All encouragement is appreciated.
Care to join?

ps. Have already spent some time with this Wellness Guided Tour, will be spending more.

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