Friday, September 10, 2010

Double Feature

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Does this belong on the "Ways to tell you're not even ready for searching for a new relationship" or "How to know when you need to eat dinner" list?

Yesternight I was walking down the street when two very attractive guys passed me. I suddenly realized I had been staring and the one noticed. He gave me that "I know you were checking me out smile" and continued passed. It was only once I felt the acknowledgment that I realized where the look came from. He was quite attractive, but I had neglected to check him out. The pizza box he was carrying in front of him, however, deserved all of my attention.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha Oh I love you. I have probably done very similar things to Jeff. Ok, not probably... definitely. It reminds me of the story of Aunt Darlene, gk/gp's good looking helpful neighbor, and the dog. Do you remember? : ) One of my favorite recent memories with her

We all have different things that top our "catch our eye" list. Pizza is definitely on mine.

Goose said...

Oooh, so familiar... remind me of the Aunt Darlene story!!

Pizza... chocolate and peanut butter... ice cream sundaes... really interesting pieces of art work... so many other (better) things to look at :)

Anonymous said...

We were at GKGP's house in Toledo. The aesthetically pleasing neighbor who oftend helped them was walking up the driveway. GP, Aunt Darlene, Mom, you, Aunt Jancing (pretty sure), maybe another female, and I were all standing in the living room and could see him through the big window. Someone made a "ooooo, look at him type comment" type comment and we all started smiling/ giggling inappropriately. Aunt Darlene was nodding her head in what we thought was agreement. Then she goes, "I know! What a beautiful dog, right?!" about the dog he was walking: )