Monday, September 27, 2010


I think vegetables are inspiring!

Nothing makes me want to cook more than fresh vegetables! With the vegetables I picked up today and the extra couple of things I grabbed at target I made four meals for later this week. One included the red pepper, green pepper, sun tried tomatos, tomato sauce, a bit of noodles, a little mozz, almost a serving of chicken and plenty of spinach! I am so excited to eat it. On the other size there's pineapple chicken and spinach. The other day I put green beans, spinach, pepper, chicken, and noodles together. I knew green beans and honey worked so I had some honey to the mix and some cinnamon just for fun... delicious!

I love cooking when I'm not too hungry to wait.

Sometimes vegetable parts, like the tops of peppers, make me want to do art projects with them. I want to make stationary with paints applied with corn on the cob or the tops of pepers. The top of my red pepper today was absolutely stunning.

Although, I'm sure you are even more stunning!
People can be inspiring too. Share.


heather said...

Take a stalk of celery and chop it off near the base of the stalk. Dip it in some paint and stamp it. It looks like a rose!

Goose said...

I have celery at home! Perfect.