Friday, September 17, 2010

Restoring [my own] Sanity

As I prepared to depart from my office for yesterday's run, the giant storm stopped! The storm ended up being much more dangerous than I had realized at the time (trees uprooted, roofs taken off buildings, ect.), but that was probably why the air felt so perfect when the storm was through. This was my first run in a 2ish weeks and only my third since returning to the city. Yet, I ran a great six miles. I'm not sure how long it took me, as I forgot to restart my watch at a crosswalk or two, but I stopped for about 10 minutes to enjoy the Hudson (pictures below) and just briefly at Central Park and I still managed to get home in about an hour (so maybe sub830). I think seeing other [more in shape] runners along the Hudson and in the Park -along with having so much emotion to run off- just gave me a new sense of energy. I even kept my core strong for most of the run.
I love days when I feel like a runner again. My head cleared;I felt alive. It was perfect.

What was my mid-run stretching spot last fall, while looking South

And North

I'm pretty sure the people who think this city isn't beautiful have just never opened their eyes.

After a great run, I showered, warmed up, ate, and then- it's important to do it in that order- went grocery shopping with Lindsay. We bought ice cream and made a new "friend". Okay, maybe he isn't our new 'best-e' for sure, but it was an interesting conversation to say the least.

With the run and ice cream in, I slept quite solidly.
No matter how I sleep, I rarely feel motivated to get out of bed (Mondays-Fridays). However, this morning I managed to get up with the first alarm and every train came right as I walked up to it. I arrived at work 20 minutes early. With that 20 minutes I confirmed that one of my favorite college friends is coming to visit AND I booked a bus to DC for 10-30-10 because I'm 22 and I want some sanity (or fear- not quite sure which) in this country. It'll just be a one night trip and I will get back to New York in plenty of time for the East Village parade. I <3 Halloween.

In other bits of news:
*Last night I bought a mini-strobe at target
*I am hoping to purchase a bike tonight... we'll see how well Craig's List steared me
*I LOVE Autumn and saw my first beautifully fallen leaves in my neighborhood on the way to work this morning.

I believe in beauty and I believe in adventures!

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