Monday, February 16, 2009

Because while I'm not, my brain is constantly running

It's 2:30A here. I changed the posting time on this one, but I typically forget to so most of the posting times are incorrect.
A few tid-bits to add to the lists...
  • I talked on the telephone to my Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother today. I also talked to my Grandpa Kenny and Uncle Dick on skype and facebooked my Uncle Pat. I love all of them immensely and I'm not currently homesick, but I probably miss them more than any of my friends.... and I miss my friends a lot. It was just wonderful to talk to all of them.
  • I like that most of my family is on facebook. It does make me feel more connected to them. It's easier and with the time zones and daily tasks... I'm okay with easy relationships.
  • I miss tutoring at Black River... a lot.
  • Since I have stopped taking math classes I honestly feel as if I have gotten dumber. That may make little sense to you, but I have. In the last 3 years I've also begun to flip numbers. I think I am just out of practice.
  • I currently have flights to France, Ireland, Greece and the Netherlands reserved. Since I'm already in England- the list of my top 8 places I wanted to visit will be nearly all checked by the time this trip is done.
    • India and Italy were the other two.
  • I miss running with a team more than I can properly explain to you, but not enough to pay 70 USD to run with a giant group of people.
  • There is a kid in my program who quit an internship because it wasn't what he wanted. I stayed with mine because I agreed when people (and I) said "at least it was an internship and it would be an experience because it was abroad". He's now doing what he wants... here. I am not, but accepting it. I small part of me worries that, while I know I won't, that I might do this for the rest of my life. If I have to lose a worm to catch a trout, I'll just appreciate the worm and not create an inconvenience for anyone trying to find a fish that may not even be in the pond.

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