Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crossing things off a list I never made

This past Saturday I went to Portabello Road. I covered the adventure in my IES blog. I wanted to include this song, but wasn't sure if I was allowed and didn't bother spending time looking. Instead I just used a lyric as the title and hoped someone would get the reference.

After the market I went to a football game (Fulham vs. Portsmouth) and froze my toesers off. It was a pretty decent game. I think it would have been more thrilling had we been in one of the specific fan sections. It was a nice experience anyways.... I wouldn't mind going to another, but if nothing else, I can check football game in Europe off the list.

Saturday night I went out with a couple of people to the pub and we just sort of chilled. It was relaxed, which was nice. Friday night I went out to the pub as well, but Friday I had just started wandering. I brought my book and a note pad and just started walking. The only problem was none of the pubs felt right. I walked into quite a few... pretending to look for someone- and when I realized they weren't there, I left. However, as I was walking back to the res hall I saw Bristol in front of-- I forget its name right now, but it's very close to our res hall-- and I ended up talking with her and Daisy inside and we had a nice time. A random guy and girl came over and asked us if we wanted to go to the next pub with them. The boy had been making eyes at me earlier, haha. We declined their offer- I was considering racing in the morning (until I found out it was actually too late and conflicted with the football game), but he came over a short time later and asked for my telephone number. It was very nice, but meh. I think he might've been too old for me. "They say beggars can't be choosers, but I'm not begging".

Sunday morning was wonderful. Trevor, Bonnie, Sarah and I went to St. Paul's Cathedral. Sometimes, you just really need to go to church. I had forgotten how far away I had gotten. I went to Trinity over Christmas break, but those couple of visits just weren't going to last me the semester. St. Paul's Cathedral is beautiful inside. Their choir was singing in Latin and they sang for a lot of the service so when not praying or reflecting, I had a lot to look at. The sermon was okay. I didn't expect a woman to preach- I don't think I realized St. Paul's was Protestant- but it was a really nice, and surprisingly shorter sermon. There are a couple of churches around here, in Chelsea and I would really like to try them out. I doubt I'll make St. Paul's a regular thing-- the Cathedral is just too massive and and it's not terribly far, but the closer it is the more likely I am to get there.

Sunday night I believe I was sick. It was a mix of Saturday and Sunday that were the worst for my cold. It became not just a cold, but a head thing and a body ache and... blah. It was all-in-all miserable. I feel like I did something else on Sunday, but I can't think right now.

Monday I didn't go into my internship because we had a snow day. London received the most snow fall it has in 18 years (says the newspaper). The 5-6" essentially shut the city down. There were no buses. Any tube that spent time above ground didn't run. We built a snowman named Hans. Kids knocked him down a short time later, but lots of people took our picture as we built him so he got his glory... or at least some of it...

The rest of Monday I worked on my New York application, watched movies while writing my script for playwriting and then went to this "American" place down the street for Bonnie's birthday... I think it was called The Big Easy. It was kind of really expensive, but that happens in Chelsea... most things are. Boo.

I stayed up sort of late Monday finishing my script, staring at information on music halls which didn't process and talking to the nice Italian/French boy that lives next door. He was the one who gave me the Panettoncino and told me about the movie clip that is down the page some. He also taught me a few italian phrases which I can't remember for the life of me. Then again, I didn't pronounce them terribly well the first time around.

And Tuesday, Tuesday was a whole 'nother story.

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