Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Warning: Part of this entry is complaining. If you get tired of reading my complaing, or when you're done with the rest of the entry, read this. If you're emotional, like me, anyways you may cry... or you might feel slightly inspired... or you might just think it's an alright piece of writing. And with that, please read on.

Cross country season ended. I took some time off, but then began running whenever I had the energy. Christmas break came and Tealla did a wonderful job of getting me out the door. Tealla is probably in the top 5 best running buddies of all time. She's flexible with time, but consistent. She's relaxed on runs, but keeps the pace steady. You can talk if you want-and she'll converse as well, but there's no obligation. I need to find the British version of Tealla. Well, really (s)he doesn't have to be British, but does need to currently live in London. For a little while, I was doing well, but in reality whenever I'm tired, which is most days I don't get out. Then on the weekends I go out rather than run. It's a terrible way to go about it, but I rationalize it. As a result, I have failed with the Eurodiet.

The Eurodiet usually works like this:
1. Go to Europe
2. Walk places because you have to
3. Eat healthy food because all the food is healthier
4. Lose weight

A large majority of people follow the Eurodiet when they go abroad. They come back home looking trim and lovely. It "just happens". Well, my good friends, I am gaining weight at a rapid pace to be the yang to your ying.... gotta keep the world balanced, right? I couldn't tell you how much weight I've gained, but enough to make none of my pants loose. Problem is I ran out of space in my suitcase and left a lot of skirts at home because I wasn't sure what I would need.

Here is why the Eurodiet has failed me:
1. I walk more, but run A LOT less. I probably cover 25-35 less miles a week (depending if I run).
2. I eat all the time (mostly because instead of feeling certain things I eat... this includes sadness, but boredom at work is a common cause)
3. I eat even more carbs (bagels, sandwiches, croissants and brownies are cheaper than-- just about anything else)
4. Alcohol. I continue to not drink in giant excess, but even a drink here and there a couple times of week is a lot more than a couple times a month.
5. Not all food is healthier. Some, yes, but really --- well I hope it is more than I realize

So conclusion, moving to Europe is not a magic way to lose weight, contrary to my hope.

The good news...
Today I packed my lunch for work: the second half of my jumbo Brick Lane croissant, a turkey and cheese sandwich with basil ranch, an apple and a yogurt. It's not a terribly large lunch, but I had a lot of carbs for breakfast. I promised myself I would not eat anything other than what I packed until I arrived home. I have continuously bought food when I wasn't hungry because it gave me something to do. It was like when you eat an entire bag of potato chips while watching tv. You're just eating because it's mindless. There's no actual hunger involved. Well, I succeeded! By 5:00 I actually was a bit hungry, but I couldn't leave work then, as I get out at 6:00(or so). So I managed to not buy anything. I arrived home around 7 or 7:30 and reheated my green bean casserole and cooked chicken (and dipped it in honey). The food was delicious. Everything tastes better when you're actually hungry.

The bad news...
I woke up this mroning at 7:15 to go running. I kept sleeping. Then I was going to run when I got home. Realistically... I'm not. Perhaps tomorrow morning?

I can't remember if I told you Marcos ended up finding that football movie speech in english for me, but he did and it turned out pretty awesome. Apparently he watches it about... every day.

Added Bit:
So I need a running partner so I started looking online. There are running partner sites! I started to join one and then realized it was quite small and most of the runners were 30-50. There is nothing wrong with this age-range-- it's lovely, but I'd like another friend my age.
I found another site,, but now that I have created a profile am too nervous to ask anyone to run with me, haha. I think I'll just keep running on my own and hope that one of these days someone will just fall in next to me. In the US this has happened to me often... not here... but hopefully soon :)

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