Sunday, February 15, 2009

Step into my web said the spider, etc.

Heather tagged "you" and I'm a "you," soooo....

8 TV Shows or Movies I Watch Regularly

I don't have a television so regularly is sort of difficult, but when I used to eat dinner on Tuesdays at the Yellow House I'd watch
1. Scrubs
In 4th grade I'd watch
2. Oprah
every day at 4:00.
I love
3. Mister Rogers

We'll go with movies I have watched multiple times in the past 5 years...
4. You've got Mail
5. The Sandlot
Sleepless in Seattle
7. When Harry Met Sally
8. Now & Then

8 Things that Happened Yesterday

1. I slept until the sun came up and poured into my windows so much I couldn't stay in bed.
2. I looked up information on Paris and got wonderfully excited and nervous for my first trip out of GB... and my first trip out of GB alone.
3. I went into a bookstore and talked myself into and out of multiple books.
4. I got the fastest and most anti-climatic haircut of my life, but it was less than 20 pounds and that was the goal
5. After getting sidetracked for 3-4 hours, I accidentally came upon the coffee shop in Soho I was looking for. The four people next to me, plus the guy behind the counter, included me in their conversation because there is something pleasant about someone who is comfortable exploring on their own
6. Molly called me and invited me to have dinner with her and two of her friends. I went and had a delicious italian dinner.
7. While at Molly and Charlotte's, I watched Beyond the Valley of Dolls, one of the strangest movies ever.
8. We had a slumber party. Yay!

8 Favorite Places to Eat (in no particular order)

1. Home (Amherst, OH) or anywhere with my family...
2. Around the campfire
3. Nacho Mama's (Marco Island, FL)
4. In London? Any place where a meal isn't my entire weekly budget... Oh! Like Brick Lane or Portobello Road
5. Hummus brothers
6. 84 East
7. Picnics... (now I'm copying Anna Jo)
8. That place down the road that I've gone to with a couple of people, and once by myself... Potlucks? Pot... uh, I forget the name, but it's delicious.

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

(in order of occurrence)
1. The forum workshop with Cardboard Citizens tomorrow.
2. Tuesday with Marina and my theatre studies group. [just about every Tuesday really]
3. Seeing Spring Awakening on Thursday!!!
4. Exploring Paris on my own.
5. All the books and plays on my lists and on my desks
6. Seeing Amy in Rennes/Getting to be around someone I'm truly comfortable with/Getting to see a good friend's world
7. Going to Amsterdam with Molly and Charlotte
8. Exploring London with Anna Jo, Ireland with the family, Stratford with my parents and Greece & Bulgaria with my brother.

Note: I think in my next entry I am going to keep going because there are so many more... This is a wonderful feeling.

8 Things On My Wishlist

1. I wish I didn't count the months back. It just makes me sad.
2. I wish I would stop settling.
3. ...confidence in permanent environments
4. high school weight
5. ...that I didn't have to worry about money
6. ...that chocolate was as good for my body as it was for my state of mind <3
7. be amazing at something, rather than just alright
8. I'm stealing Heather's on this last one... to be more articulate

And I tag you...

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