Saturday, February 14, 2009

Like a rosary, but not.

Friday night a group of us went to a club called Koko. It was a beautiful. The picture doesn't do it jealous, but I took it from my friend Kayla's facebook, as I didn't take any pictures. It had 2 nice balcony areas, a decent DJ, 2 live bands... Well, two played while we were there. I'm not sure if there were more later. The first one wasn't particularly good, but the second one was the second one was led by a girl who pretty much defined "rocker chic". I actually enjoyed her music. It wasn't exactly what you'd dance to, but they supported her wonderfully with the lights. If I had seen the light board op, I'd have told him so. It was rather impressive.

I started this entry on Saturday. It's not Sunday and my frame of mind is totally different. So I will tell you this...
-With the help of his friend, a Turkish boy came up and talked to me for awhile towards the end of the night. His friends call him Dolphin. He was alright, but I don't think much else needs to be said... Dolphin?
-There's a kid I no longer feel comfortable around because earlier this week he said some hurtful things. At one point I went to the 1st balcony to regain a positives state of mind by being away from the group. I decided to name as many positive things as beads on the bracelet. I was having difficulty when a couple different nice-looking boys came up (at different times) to me and said hi 'cause I was by myself. Then a couple of the guys I had come to the club walked by and asked if I was alright. I got through the beads quicker. Although then the nice boy who lives next door who I invited out came up and we went back downstairs. I felt better for awhile.
-When I feel especially alone, I try my best to remember I'm not the only person who is feeling this way here right now so I should probably go look for that person. As soon as I remember this I do better.
- After the club we were buy the bus station and I met one of the first British high schoolers who was actually quite awesome. I think her name was Maria. I would've been her friend.

The original purpose of this blog was to talk about counting up the things that matter- the good things... you know, the title... like a rosary, but not.

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