Saturday, August 22, 2009

Let me assure you, friend, Every day is ice cream and chocolate cake

"You're really going everywhere. I remember a couple years ago when you said you were going all over... and you are, you know, some people just say you are, but you really are..."
-Mrs. H to me at church this morning.

She's right. I am going places. I may not be going everywhere, but I am moving and expanding the bubble. I have lived in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, London (England), Kostelecké Horky (Czech Republic), and soon New York. I am constantly learning and growing and trying my best to love the world that God has given me to share my gifts and love with.
Today's sermon at church was about taking care of all that God has trusted in our care. We talked a lot about the earth and the plants and animals, but God has also given us each other. I, as a flawed person, have the habit of being self centered. I am refocusing my goal. My purpose here has to be bigger than myself. Sure, I need to take care of myself so I can take care of others, but I must remember the tasks don't end with taking care of myself.

So I will...
-Continue bringing my cloth bags to the grocery store and not wasting plastic bags
-Reusing water bottles and recycling plastics when I am done with them
-Put fruits and vegetables in the compost pile at home
-Be better at forgiving. I listened to a talk radio program about teaching your children about real forgiveness and how it involves not bringing it up again and not using it against someone. I know sometimes we forget what real forgiveness is. I'm working on it...
-Try to not take my negative feelings out on other people. While I am allowed to be sad or upset, being these emotions does not make me entitled to hurt other people
-Try to keep an open heart. I know it's easier to keep it protected, but it still ends up hurting me and other people.

Of course there are more things I can do, but that's a big list for now.
I am going new places and must bring my patience and love with me. I'm there for more than learning lighting*.

*However, I did receive an email from my LD today. Included in it he did mention "The first two weeks of your time here with me will probably be your very busiest -- I'm working on three projects at once and so we'll be doing a lot of running around and shifting gears." Emails from him make me so nervous and excited... and a little more than in love with my life... Forget boys, I have so many other [slightly more dependable] things to be in love with.

Note: I love randomizing my playlist and remembering bands I love. For the last 24 hours I have listening to the Weepies again. I am blaming them for my dreams about Hope last night. You should definitely listen to them.

"Vision of Mary in converse shoes
She's putting down roots and stars she shoots out
I am crying on her couch
Talking in tongues when the words won't come out

Ring around rosey game
Always ends the same way
We all fall down
Get up now, baby, get up now, baby
It's your song, it's your song playing"

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