Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quarters, Nickles, Dimes, and You

When you haven't seen someone in a long time you remember them just as they were. When you see them again do you give them room to be their new self or do you keep them in the box that they used to fill and refuse to let the sides expand or the top to come off. There is more. There is always more. Why do we refuse to see it? What is it about our hard wiring that has such trouble accepting that someone can change?

I suppose there is an argument that people can't change...
Perhaps it is that the core is still there. It will remain. The past still existed, but if you allow a person room to change. If you open your eyes that much wider to see the possibility, give room for the potential- there is a chance that growth has occurred [be it positive or negative].

Just as you are the only one who truly limits yourself. You are the one limiting what you see in others.

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