Monday, August 31, 2009

The Past presents the Future

Sometimes I wonder if I should switch schools so I can afford to stay another year and switch my major. I'd switch to something that would make me less nervous... like accounting. For someone who already cares about what people think, committing one's self to an industry in which success is determined by how much people like you is scary.

Of course, I won't, but still- Sometimes, when I REALLY think about my life, I get a little nervous. For awhile I've been in this "I'm not impressed" zone in which I just saw people doing what they said they'd do, and not viewing it as something extraordinary.

The next day I coordinated with Jeri to meet up for lunch. Jeri, my friend from Hope, is studying with IES in London this semester and so I was excited to talk with her about what she is preparing for. She also interned with a great theatre this summer so I was looking forward to hearing about her summer. We grabbed lunch and sat by the fountain for a few hours just exchanging stories. I am interested in talking to one of her co-workers from this summer about his experiences so she is going to email him for me so we can meet up. And, she needed help with a good internship location since ies wasn't doing the best figuring that out. I told her I would email Marina. Now, less than a week later we have already made correspondence with our respective contacts and things are looking good. I have yet to email the guy she worked with because I am nervous. I am also hesitant because I am not sure when I would be able to meet with him because of my schedule. Although, I should probably just get over myself and send the email tonight. Worrying is an ineffective use of time.

I said goodbye to Jeri and walked with my sister back to her house. I think seeing Jeri was an important part to my prepping for New York. I am now much more excited for it.
On the way home I ran into Emily, who graduated from Hope this past Spring, on the street by Anna Jo's El station. Emily was doing some Human Right's Equality work and it was encouraging to see a recent grad doing work in something so important, to her and to the world. The day before I had ran into Sarah, a theatre major who just completed her first year of grad school, on the El. I can't help but wonder, what will I be doing after Hope?

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