Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, it's 2:40A and I just returned from uptown [or downtown, depending on how you look at it] Amherst. Alexis and I went to Church Street for her 21st birthday. It was my first time drinking in Amherst outside of my house, so that was exciting. It was also my first time taking a 21 year-old out for their birthday, which was truly exciting! While we didn't get particularly crazy, it was a nice time. I don't get the opportunity to spend as much time with Alexis as I wish I could and so I appreciated the chance to. We also ran into my friend Chris from high school and then made some new ones whom were amazed by Alexis's tattoos and/or last name and street of residence [in PA]. Alexis and I called it a night and walked back to her house. My dad picked me up from there. It really worked well and I'm lucky to have parents to call on to be my DD.

So this is the great start to my exciting weekend. Tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment [boo] and then I'm off to Chicago with Kailey. I'll drop her off at a friend's house [they're going to NIN Friday & Saturday] and then go visit with my sister. If all goes according to not-planned, Jeri and I will meet for brunch/lunch. Then I'll be off to Holland to visit with my friends. I have nothing in particular planned, but that's the greatest part about Holland. I don't need to plan anything. If things are exciting, we'll do stuff. If everyone is organizing in the house, I'll read the plays I brought or go for a walk around the Pine Grove. I also have a lot of errands to run around Holland. I am looking forward to spending a couple days back in that world.

The only bad thing about going to Holland this weekend is I am missing the Amherst girls' XC team's first race. I really would like to be there to cheer the girls on. I have been running with, and occasionally pacing girls on the team for most of the summer and have pretty high expectations for their season. They have a lot of girls, but if they can all work together they will have an amazing team. They're all great girls, but I'm still aware of how the world is... for any group of 30 people to stay content with each other is difficult. Whether I'm there or not, I am sure they will do great and I look forward to getting the results emailed to me and talking to the girls next week when I visit them.

Then, the week after that... New York.
Ah! But there is so much to do and enjoy in the mean time.

Goodnight all <3

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