Monday, August 31, 2009


I intended to go run with the high schoolers again today, but felt unmotivated and stayed at home instead. I have run three of the past seven days. I ate terribly yesterday and today. It's strange how quickly I go from feeling encouraged and motivated to 'blah'. I am determined to accomplish things today yet. Tomorrow begins September and I intend to stay on track.

Perhaps today is destined to be a down day. I just have four amazing days in a row. Wednesday night/Thursday morning and midnight Alexis and I went to Church Street to celebrate her 21st. I ran into my friend, Chris whom I haven't seen in awhile and we befriended a few guys at the end of the bar who were semi-fascinated by Alexis, her tattoos and her address. It was a beautiful night out and it was great to be able to finally spend time with Alexis.

Thursday morning I woke up super-tired and went to my appointment. After packing up my car I went to pick up Kayley fot the drive to Chicago. Despite some rain the drive way easy and conversation was easy. I'm not used to driving with people, but it was enjoyable and felt as though hs could've been yesterday (in respect to our interactins). I dropped her off in Hammond, Indiana with her friend whom she'd go to the two NIN concerts with. I drove the rest of the way to Chicago and stayed at my sister's house for the night.

Upon arriving we quickly left again to go to a concert at Ravinia. Her friend had bought two tickets, but ended up not being able to go. So, we saw G. Love And Special Sauce and Michael Franti & Spearhead. It was a GREAT concert and it was wonderful getting to see it with my sister. We were a little cold since it was raining and so my tired self was ready to go home by the middle of the second act. Anna Jo and I went to catch the early train, but they ended up holding the train for 40 minutes. We weren't sure if it was because of the concert or the arrest we witnessed, but either way, it may me miss London transportation.

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