Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chocolate Fondue and JFK, "Right on the lake"

My mother was pseudo-pouting about something and my sister said "We don't need to feel sorry for she's writing with a candy cane pen". My dad had brought me home a candy cane pen which I had declined a few times. What was I going to do with a candy cane pen? Yes, yes, I know, write with it. This is why it's nice having it around the house and not just in my pen container, so it adds to the holiday cheer. Anyways, my mom was writing with it and my sister suggests that I bring a carton of these candy cane pens with me to London to give out. This is when my mom chimes in, "Oh yeah, what are you going to take to make friends?" I just lower my head (haha).
I think she read it in a book somewhere that you should bring something about yourself- a conversation piece or something, but I do usually bring things places in hopes of making friends. I was the girl who brought a chocolate fondue fountain to college just to make friends. Yes, it worked. It made me popular at my "first real college party" that Halloween. Then I walked around with a "Free Hug" sign freshmen year to get hugs. I brought my flute to a church retreat and played it in an elevator; I met some great people. I hadn't brought the pumpkin to Chicago to make friends, but I made them anyways.
Hmm... suggestions on what I should bring to London?

As I was starting to write this entry, my sister said, "What to bring when just being yourself isn't enough". My mom then replied, "No, no, what to bring when being yourself is too much". ouch. <3

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heather said...

Just a few more days till I can come sit in on some Gosses woman banter mayself:) I can't wait!