Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Your beauty can't be covered by insecurities"

The finals are over.
Thank goodness.
This was by far the most exhausting last week of a semester ever.
My dad came to pick me up on Friday after my last final, but it took us a little while to get out of town. We ran a few errands and loaded all of my belongings out of my house and then left town. There was some bad weather here and there, but over all it was not too bad of a drive. This probably had something to do with my dad driving.

The next day I went to a funeral for my mom's best friend from high school, Carolyn's dad. It was, of course, a sad event, but it was nice to see some family friends. I hadn't seen them in 3 years-- since we went out to visit them in California. I think I met Carolyn's dad once, but I'm not sure. Well, it turns out he was buried in the same cemetery as my mom's mom. My Grandma Jo passed away the same year that my mom graduated from high school and got married. She passed away before she got married. We don't talk about it very often, but it scares me sometimes. I pray both my parents are around to see me get married*.

Well, it was just an interestingly nice first day home.

*If I get married.

Between the time I arrived home and woke up this morning I received two very exciting pieces of news.
News 1
I have an internship in London! It's a 3-credit internship at Kings Head Theatre. A picture of the outside is on the left.
It's in Islington which actually quite a ways away from where I live. Transportation will be expensive.
It's especially exciting to have the internship considering it was a five minute phone interview at 5 in the morning (our time). They must have liked my resume because my 5-in-the-morning-there's-an-echo and-I-can't-really-hear-you phone skills are not the best.
My duties will depend on what their needs are when I arrive, but I am thrilled to be part of their theatre. It's a wonderful place. There are constantly events and they all look wonderful.

Here's a link to the theatre if you'd like to know more about it!

Note: You might remember a blog entry a little while ago that talked about a theatre I was eyeing that had a great looking show called F***ing Men. This is that theatre!

News 2

Over Thanksgiving I applied to IES Abroad to write blogs while abroad. Some sort of creative work and writing were required. There was a list of requirements which I won't waste your time with. I sent in this sample blog. If you think parts are cliche, yes, there is one entry that I was tempted to delete, but I didn't, and that is that. Anyways, the point of the story is that within 24 hours of getting the internship (note: which I have now officially accepted) I was also one of the students selected (out of 150ish) to blog while abroad. I am required to blog 1 entry before leaving, 3 a month while I am there and 1 entry when I return. I even get paid a small stipend to blog! Yes, essentially this is my first paid writing position. And we all know I've been blogging for years so this is exciting for me. Although this is my first blog which I know will be read by numerous people I don't know. This makes me a little nervous, but mostly excited... let me know if you get thrills from reading over other people's work for grammar errors, haha.

Please note the guy in the picture on the right is the founder of the Kings Head Theatre.

Well, there's lots of excitement going around, but it's time for bed so more on that another time.
Also, if you're home over break, I'd love to go on an adventure (or a non-adventure). I fly away on January 5th. I hope to see you before then

Note: Both photos today were copied from the Kings Head Theatre website.


heather said...

I personally believe you are freaking awesome Sara. Let us know where we can read your blog while you're abroad. And spare me no detail of your time in London. I need to live vicariously for a while until I can get back there.

Goose said...

Thanks Heather!
My plan is to use both blogs for London updates. And while I know time might limit my writing, I love sharing stories, so you can count on hearing PLENTY :D
My IES blog will probably be a bit more focused and proofread. I will definitely post the link to it once I find out details on posting and the link!