Monday, December 29, 2008

Somebody's sleeeeeepy

When I was 15 I fully believed that by the time I was 20 I would be less insecure.

I was wrong.


In other news I have had a great winter break so far. I haven't hung out with some of the friends I thought I had as much as I thought I would, but I have hung out with other people that have made it a great transitional break. As I grow more anxious for this upcoming semester, I pay less attention to the now and more attention in the preparation for later. I think this directly affects (in a positive sort of way) my disappointment of not having people to hang out with (when this happens) because there's always something to do. This also helps me spend more time the way I should: appreciating the wonderful people who put effort forth. I have had the chance to hang out with Alexis... Jill... Melissa, Molly... I have spent some great time with my family over this break and my sister has let me, as usual, hang out with her wonderful friends. Today's afternoon and evening activities have exhausted me so much that I will have to promise you further details in the future because I am too tired to type them and add the pictures now. Although I can tell you that I appreciate fun people inviting me along on their adventures... especially when they involve Macaroni or the grocery store.

I am off to bed. Tealla has been wonderful enough to encourage me to go running with her throughout this break. If it weren't for her I might not fit into my sweatpants, haha.
I hope you all had wonderful holidays.

If you're in the Northern Ohio area and would like to spend quality time with quality people, you can come over and play with us if you want. We're having a play date (or a game night as some might call it) which will probably be comprised of more talking than game playing, but hopefully game playing will ensue. It's on Tuesday at my house at 8:00. If you don't know where I live, ask. I'll be terribly happy to see you; I'm sure I don't see you enough.

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