Monday, December 15, 2008

"Growing Up is more fun than Grown Up"

Today I received some more interesting news. Apparently I do not have a spring break while in London. I have two days open after midterms, but that's it. Some people do a lot of traveling while they are abroad, I will probably not be one of them. I will go to some places, but my list will definitely be shorter. That is okay though, there is plenty of excitement to be found in London.

I officially received my class schedule today. My internship is not on it, but it will be on two days, either Monday, Wednesday or Friday. I am hoping it will be Wednesday and one of the other two. That way I'll have an easier time taking trips.

(A room at the residence hall I will live in
Photo Compliments of IES Website)

It goes as follows:

TH390 Playwriting Workshop
TH350 Theatre Performance
TH 355
The Theatre Industry Inside and Out

DR355 Theater in London: Text and Performance
Night time For 9 weeks we will see plays for DR 355 every Thursday night

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
More details to come IN395 Internship Seminar

I have been looking at the time table for the schedule for all of the classes and part of me is yearning for the knowledge that is able to be acquired in so many of the other classes: Literature and Place, The Economies of Europe & The EU, Media & UK Politics, The Pre-Raphaelites, Brotherhood & Movement, Politics, Society & Culture in Non-Western Societies (this was my my alternate course if the theatre ones didn't work out)... Yet, I am excited for all the knowledge I will accumulate in the classes I have chosen. For the first time in my life I will be spending all of my academic and artistic energy focused on the one thing I claim to want to pursue "when I grow up". I guess this means that part of me is grown up?

The possibilities probably have an end, but it is no where in site.

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