Monday, January 12, 2009

The Best is (hopefully) yet to come...

I supposed I am well overdue for a blog. My apologies. I have not been as diligent as I originally planned. This is not as bad as it may seem, haha. I do have to be careful that I submit to my IES blog enough though. I finally submitted my first IES post yesterday and I have to submit 3 more before the end of January. Normally this would be easy, but lately it's been harder to make the time. It's just been very busy here. When I have pictures on my camera over a week old that haven't been uploaded, you know I am busy (I have priorities). haha.

In all seriousness, things have been going pretty well here. There is some definite chaos and good stories are forming, but overall I am just working on figuring things out. I know the way to the tube station and then from there to class very easily. It's not terribly difficult, but since London isn't on the grid system you can still confuse yourself without much effort. I was even 15 minutes early for class today!
That is, of course, nothing compared to the 90 minutes early I was on the way to my internship!

I went to my internship for a short meeting (of sorts) on Monday. On my way to my internship I passed a small restaurant (or bar, I'm not sure... probably both) called Hope and Anchor! I was disappointed not to have my camera. Although I suppose I will pass this place at least two times each week.

I do, however, doubt my other missed photo opportunity will be here the next time I am. I was sitting in a park for awhile and a sad balloon, probably a week or so old, was stuck in a tree. Well, upon first look it appeared stuck, but perhaps it was just playing with that branch... which is oddly enough "stuck" due to being attached to the tree.

I sat in the park for awhile since I had arrived so early in Islington. I was making up for those times when I'm late :) I bought breakfast and ate it in the park. After writing for awhile it started to sprinkle and I packed my stuff up. I went on a walk and luckily it stopped. I visited the post office and the stationary store next to it for awhile. Eventually I went to the theatre 20ish minutes early. I might have explored more things (other than the stationary store and post office), but the standing in heels was getting old and I didn't want to get lost.

The meeting went alright. I am concerned that I will be simply answering the phone most of the time. I don't mind answering the phone some of the times, but if that is my central purpose... well, I'd rather be doing something else. After all, I will end up being there about 20 hours a week and that's a lot of my London time to spend doing mindless tasks. Considering my prior experience, I think I can handle a bit more. However, tomorrow is my first 8 hour day so I'll give you a new report after that. Let's hope my experience is better than the other kid-in-my-program's.

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