Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is there a wall, a window, or nothing at all?

Since the 16th, when I updated you last, things have gone pretty well. Thank you, Heather for your suggestions. I went to Hyde Park that next morning and oddly things turned right around. London is not a notoriously sunny place, but that day the sun was out and things just felt better. There were plenty of runners, walkers, bikers... little girls learning to ride horses... adults laughing, learning how to rollerblade... I ran for an hour that day (50 at the park, 5 to the tube station each direction). I had planned to only run 30-40, but I felt alright and had no where else to be, so I just continued to run. It was refreshing and by the time I stretched, showered and ate, the world was new again.

That night night no one really felt like going out so a bunch of us watched Pulp Fiction upstairs. I missed the first part so I have still not seen the entire movie, but I always appreciate the bits I do see.

The next morning IES took a group of us on an East End Market tour. It was alright, but terribly cold and I was a bit tired. I did come home with quite a few bagels and fruit for a much cheaper price than I ever would in Chelsea. I actually returned to the East End markets today to buy fruit again. However, I've already eaten nearly all the bagels and fruit that I bought today (oops).
Sunday I went for a run along The Thames with two of my friends in the program. However, Tyree (spelling?) had had sushi at the east end market and it wasn't sitting well so we walked part of it. On Monday I ran again (3 days in a row, woo!) and this time Trevor and I went to Hyde Park, but his ipod stopped working part of the way into the run and so then he was unmotivated and we returned home. We still ran a quality 40ish minutes. I think running really improved the quality of my upcoming week.

Monday night (or at least I think it was Monday night), I met some girls from an American university who were returning to the US the next day. I watched most of The Dark Knight with them. It wasn't quite as good as I remember it was at the midnight showing in the theatre, but it was still enjoyable. They were fairly friendly so we talked a bit about the tours they had gone on for the past two weeks straight and I told them of my upcoming plans for the semester. Being surrounded by people who are truly excited for your adventures makes them even more exciting.

Tuesday I had class, but only had to attend two of them. For the 3rd class I went to a production, Circus Klezmer, later that night. The show included acrobatics, comedy, no real words and no fourth wall. It was a marvelous production and part of the mime festival. I am considering doing my paper for my theatre industry class on this type of theatre... theatre that combines that audience and performers as one and doesn't require you to know anything or any language. Anyone and everyone could and did enjoy the piece. There needs to be more theatre of this sort.

Wednesday was a terribly long day. I was at my internship at 10A and did not leave until around midnight. I saw 3 shows and worked FOH for 2 of them (the night ones). The jury is still out on how I feel about my internship. I'll fill you in on more when I decide more.

Thursday was more class and a play called Entertaining Mr. Sloane which I am supposed to do a presentation on next Thursday. I have a lot of preparing to do. I think this might have been my first play that I've even seen someone fully naked in. Isn't that strange that I can't remember ever seeing anyone naked on stage before? Hmmm... maybe I've just repressed any other time it's happened. hahaha. Imelda Staunton was seducing this young(er) boy in the play. It was alright. The actual theatre was amazing. I saw my first raked stage and had great seats for it too!

Friday was more internship and then out with my roommate, Sara. Saturday was a 40 minute run and then the story told in the blog just posted a little while ago. Today I returned to the east end markets, took the wrong bus for awhile by myself, but got home without too much stress. I also bought On the Road. Given, I should be reading other things, but I've always wanted to read it and wanted a copy I could write in, so that is that.

I volunteered to help paint tonight at my internship because I have been fulfilling many administrative tasks and would like to do something more production-y. I don't have paint clothes though so I'll be dressed in running clothes because those are the only ones I am willing to get stained, haha. Oh well. So, I'm off to make dinner and then make my way to Islington.

Hope all is well wherever you are.

ps. I <3 Stories.
pps. Heather, shortly after I returned from my run a friend who lives down the hall told me about this delicious brownie she'd just eaten at the same market! It's a sign. Borough Market has moved to the top of my list! I am hoping to venture over there in the next week!

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