Friday, January 9, 2009

A spot of tea will calm your soul.

(Add a nap in there and it's like the panic attack never happened)

Today I needed a break from the group so I went to the "London Cafe" which isn't far from the IES Center where I have my classes. I met a wonderful retired man named Mike. We sat and had our tea/coffee together. He once molded and engraved some stuff for Christina Ricci. He had no idea who she was at the time (and still doesn't now, haha). He thought maybe her name was Rena (?) or something of the sort. He told me I looked similar to her. It sort of made my day. We talked for awhile about all sorts of things, but I had to end rather abruptly when I realized how late it was getting. I hope to frequent the place again to run into him and continue conversation. He said it was his local place. I can see why, the two women (although closer to my age) at the bar who got us our drinks were generally pleasant and kind of silly. I may claim that I am here for theatre, but really Mike is why I came to London. People like Mike are why I go anywhere.

So thank you to Mike and thank you to the funny couple with the young boy at the other restaurant and thank you to the two women in the passport line who had British husbands... and thank you to all those others I met and will meet.

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