Sunday, March 1, 2009


In Rennes I ate some of the best food ever. Whoever said French know how to do food right... was correct. In Paris the food was super expensive, so I ate a lot of pastries. Amy's host parents had a girl live with them once who tried a different cake every day and gained about 20 pounds in a semester. Last night I met a girl in my hostel, studying in Madrid who gained 20 pounds eating in Paris. France has the best chocolate I have ever tasted. I am living in London. I am not going to gain 20 pounds without the excuse of the best chocolate ever. Today I decided to eat right... well post-breakfast... Altogether I had:

2 apples
2 chocolate/bread twist-things
An egg and bacon sandwich
A chicken ceasar sandwich
The rest of the French chocolate :)
2 cookies
2 pieces of chicken

All of the chocolate things were in France, hahaha.

More exciting bits on France soon... possibly in the next few minutes :)

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