Monday, March 2, 2009

Advice you've heard before.

Advice on Traveling while Abroad that you've probably heard before, but I am going to reiterate, and probably add onto as this month of traveling continues: Holland, Ireland, Stratford, Some Unknown Little Place 2 hours North of here for a UK Host Program

  • Pack light
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • If you can take a train instead of a plane, do it. You spend less time in the station and you see some of the prettiest areas. All the same, it's still okay to sleep.
  • Don't travel too many weekends in a row, it's exhausting (Yes, I realize I don't heed my own advice- that's not new)
  • Remember what country you came to study in. If you're studying abroad only to travel, don't study in London, pick a cheaper and more central location.
    Note: This is not me. I am glad I picked London, for London.
  • Go somewhere on your own at least once.
    But bring your phone, journal and camera so when you're overwhelmed or just plain enthused you have someone to share it with. Also, if your university gives you an alarm or something of the sort during orientation, bring it with you. Mase isn't legal in many countries, but loud beepy noises are.
  • If a friend is living with a host family that offers to let you stay a night... or a few, take them up on it
  • Sleep before trying to tackle the Louvre. It's too much to do on 2 hours of sleep
  • Go on walks that aren't to get anywhere. You will find the best things/places (this is about all of your life, not just when traveling in new countries)
  • Take pictures, but not so many that you only look at things through the lens
  • Realize you will be sharing a hostel with people who may not share your same sleep schedule. Don't let this bring you down. Loud children (or grown-ups) on trains and delayed planes... it's all part of the experience.
  • If you're going to France, bring a corkscrew for your wine.

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