Monday, March 2, 2009

Like one of those ancient greek myths...

Written on my way to Rennes from Paris after a few too many grumpy people on M5.

"I hate that in the city I have to avoid eye contact with people because otherwise (or sometimes despite) they will either ask for money, take something, try to sell me something, or worse...
As a result people don't look at each other s often- or at all. If someone things we are looking at them they shoot us evil glares. After spending time in the city you have to take care that your evil glances are only shot at deserving recipients. Sometimes you aren't even looking at the person and they just scowl. Or perhaps what I would- and perhaps should say is "Yes, woman on the subway, I was looking at you. I was admiring the contours of your jacket- perfect for your body type. Most of us can't find them or wouldn't know them if they were on the rack directly in front of us". Or "No, sir, I was not looking at you. There is a subway map to your left I was counting my stops"... "Yes, ma'am, I was looking at you- and even though you couldn't tell- I was laughing inside... and you would've laughed too if you could see how silly you look- the puffy part of your brown jacket that you have wrapped around you, is right above your mouth and so it looks like you have a giant mustache. Hilarious."

Here's the deal, 2/5 of you scowl at me, 2/5 of you continue to not acknowledge that anyone exists and the other 1/5 acknowledge the world, be kind to it and possibly even hold a conversation... and I'll keep trying to fit into that last fifth.... and hope the others in the fifth aren't just "out to get me/you/us"

If I ever have a surplus of money I will buy up property in a major city and open up a park. The park will have signs at every entrance that read (in many languages)
People watching allowed- even encouraged.

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