Thursday, March 5, 2009

Plane ticket (check) Toothbrush (check) Passport (check). Do I need anything else?

It might seem to you that I just got back from France, and you'd wonder how could I be ready to leave already... and you would be right. I'm not, but I'm leaving anyways. I am going to The Netherlands really early tomorrow morning. I'm spending the first two days in Amsterdam and then on Sunday I am going to Groningen to visit some relatives. Super early Monday morning I head back to London to go to my internship at 10:00 in the morning. Even I am beginning to recognize the ridiculousness of my planning. I am also acknowledging the great potential this trip has for an adventure!

Originally I was supposed to be traveling with two friends, but things have come up and now I am traveling on my own. No worries, I'll take the same precautions as usual. The funny thing about going to Holland is that I don't speak any Dutch and I didn't get any books with it. In addition to that I have no major monuments on a giant list to go see. My brother compiled an excellent list of things to do/see for my sister when she went. My mom got that forwarded to me. So I just looked through it and put stars next to things I might be interested in, but I'm- once again, not going to plan. I have theatre homework to do instead and I'm kind of tired.

Wish me luck this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! You should just look through my pictures quickly and use that as your guide for what you want to go see. lol

n.a.t.a.l.i.e. said...

Hi sara, I do remember you, I ran Cross Country at Hope too, but I graduated a year early, so I didnt run my last year I was there.
I am glad you found my rambling blog! Hope all is well, are you still at Hope?!
take care