Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Princess and The Pirate

On Saturday I took a train, a bus and a train out to the Stowmarket station a couple hours North and East of here. The morning started out terrible. I left late, gave up on waiting for the bus and walked to the tube station. Then I found out my train left from Liverpool St., not Victoria (completely across town). I realized later that the reason I thought to go to Victoria was because that's where I was supposed to pick up my tickets. I, of course, did not bother to do that. I finally arrived at Liverpool Street and obviously had missed my train. I did not fret, but just bought a new ticket... twice the price of the original ticket. While at the station I also managed to rip my pants badly enough that I changed into my jeans which I had packed for the second day and through out my cordoroys. I shrugged and looked at the bright side, one less thing to try and get home. Remember, I gave up complaining for Lent, hahah. I got on my first train, asked a lovely man in blue how to get to the bus. After I bought my coffee (it was mighty cold out) he walked me over to the bus, knocked on the door, verified the destination and I got in. It was a fine bus ride and then I waited a bit for my train to Stowmarket. I got on the train fine and as I got closer to Stowmarket I began packing up my things. I stood up as the train stopped and went to the door. There I realized, there was no handle... 4 doors and not a handle on a single one. I was sure I'd seen someone go out these doors... someone even came in them last stop. I start looking around for one of those sneaky buttons like in France. I even read the signs. I go back to the carriage and ask the woman nearest the door if she knows how to open the door. She says yes- and nothing else. Wonderful woman, wonderful. After I begin to ask again, in quite a fury by now, a gentleman farther back in the car shouts to me that I need to push down the window and open from the outside.

Because that makes sense.

I go over to the window, pull it down, go to pull up the lever and the train begins to move. I continue to try and the woman on the podium tells me I can't get out, I'll have to get out at the next station and come back. At this point I'd already called Belinda and Benjamin once to tell them I'd be an hour late and they had no mobile... so they waited for me for another 20-30 minutes. I felt terrible. When I finally arrived they were very kind, but I felt terrible. They did find it a bit sad no one helped- as usually they would, but either way, I was there then and all was fine.

The rest of the weekend progressed on much better. We had a "simple lunch" and then dropped Benjamin off at a birthday party for Nicoli. Then Belinda and I went into Diss and looked at all the second hand shops (this is a woman after my own heart). Then we stopped to get the papers and picked up Benjamin. We returned to the house and I got to see Benjamin's train set and lego room. Pictures will be up of the lego room soon. I forgot to get a picture of the train. It's pretty awesome though. I can't even explain to you the amount of toys this kid has!

More on this later as I have a lot to do and am stressing just a bit...

Note: This semester I have done better about qualifying what I have to do as less than what it is. Instead of getting really stressed about little things all the time I just get stressed about big things and then... well, you know how things go... I'm stressing.
About what? School papers & presentations... Leaving London... Planning flights... Not knowing what I'm doing for this summer and not speaking any of the languages of the next 3 countries I am going to be in.

Oh dear...

Here is the chaotic part:

I have 1 week left of my internship (as long as no one changes that). Yay!
I have 1 week until AMY COMES TO VISIT!!! Yay!
And I'm doing much better with her visit than with my parents or my sister's (sorry everybody :() and actually planning just a bit.
I have 2 weeks left of class (I'm sad I only have 2 Tuesdays left.. boo)
I have 3 weeks left in London :(
In 3 weeks I am going to Athens to meet up with my brother. After a couple of days we will then travel to Bulgaria!
In 4 weeks I will be moving to the Czech Republic for 2 weeks to build fences.. Now that I think about it I may be regretting that part of it, haha. I will also be exploring a bit.
So in 6 and a half weeks I will return to the US.
At some point during the following two weeks I will go to NYC for my interviews for the GLCA New York Arts Program.

I don't know what I am going to do with myself...

That's the scary part.
After two and a half months of that I am going to spend the semester in NYC.
I think 2009 might be the best year ever. Let's hope something happens soon so I know what I'm doing this summer... and let's hope it's amazing :)

Note: In case you are reading this and thinking I'm spoiled... well, I am blessed. I am lucky to have a family that supports me in whatever I want to do and friends that are there for me. I will have to pay for the bills of the excitement I am pursing now for the next 30 years. I am well aware of this, but I know it's all part of life. You can't wait 'til you have this or that, this IS LIFE (now).
So thank you to you for your support. I am just one person, but I am my only person and I appreciate you giving me the support to be able to be confident enough in myself and the people around me to not be afraid.

I will be more than I ever was before.

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