Thursday, September 24, 2009

Check Please

My sister's name is Anna Jo and I found this blog of a girl named Anna Jo who isn't my sister. This is her list of "Rad Things to do Before [she] die[s]"

I'm going to bold the things I've done because that's cool

From her blog:
"Here is my list in no particular order. If I have accomplished one of my goals, the date is listed to the right. There are more that I never added and have probably forgotten about. I guess I will just have to live forever to get this all done.

1. run a marathon in every state (6/50)
2. **learn to surf** (8.3.04)
3. be a liftie at a ski resort to get a free pass
4. **marry the raddest guy, in the temple** (9.27.06)
5. bike a century
6. **triathlons!!!** (5.22.04)
7. **run the camp pendleton mud run** (6.11.05)
8. **see Ben Folds live (and his five? reunion show!)** (4.23.08)

9. be on while you were out or surprise by design
10. help an old lady across the street
11. become an awesome telemark skier
12. be a mom
13. speak ASL fluently
14. go on a humanitarian trip to a different country
15. write a children's book
16. take another pottery class and master the wheel
17. have a darkroom in my house
18. be an artist
19. make something out of sticks (wood)
20. **go scuba diving** (Spring of '05...)
21. **go skydiving** (5.8.04)
22. go bungee jumping
23. make stained glass windows and such
24. meet the brothers chap
25. make an independent film
26. get in the patagonia catalog doing something rad
27. become a hardcore outdoor enthusiast: travel to rad places to do
rad things
28. kiss in the rain! ("get some" rain)

29. **hike timp and watch the sunrise** (7.24.04)
30. do the big muddy outdoors adventure race
31. **win a race (at least my age division)** (5.22.04)

32. put up a slackline in my yard
33. own cool dogs
34. make a scrub skirt
35. date a bike messenger guy
36. be a member of a climbing gym with my husband and kids
37. sell something on ebay
38. do something new or start a hobby on each birthday
39. **try the elbow trick** (spring of '06--see above, #4)
40. go to iguacu falls
41. live sustainably
42. join a bowling league
43. **go to a movie by myself** (7.15.04)

44. be on the price is right
45. sleep in a park (like a homeless person)
46. use crampons
47. **go to havasupai** (10.7.05)
48. qualify for and run boston
49. train for a marathon or century en route for the race
50. ironman new zealand
51. bike across Utah
52. Utah grandslam
53. lotoja
54. slackline on the equator
55. raise awareness for something as I bike and/or run across the
state and/or country, etc.
56. hood to coast relay (oregon)
57. bowl a turkey on Thanksgiving

I just liked her list. My own list is as follows:
1. Kiss in the rain [check]
2. Run a marathon
3. Run an ultra marathon
4. Break 20 in the 5k
5. Run a naked 5k
6. Go skinnydipping [check]
7. Get out of debt
8. Be the "Storytime Lady"
9. Love and be loved fully, truly, always.
10. Wake up outside with someone I love
11. Be something incredible
12. Have a room full of my books
13. Bench press my body weight

Obviously it's an "in process" list.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. I found her blog too. I also stole a great muffin recipe from it. nighty night. love you.
dreams of internship all through my head