Monday, September 7, 2009

Experiences with Others.

[Someone else's picture of the glorious Grand Central Station because I did not take my camera with me on any of my adventures and I can't find my phone chord].

My first full day in New York began with a run. This is a milestone for me because this is how I like to be able to stay I started my day; however, it's not always the case. It can be hard to motivate oneself to get out the door each day, but day one, it happened. I ran 50 minutes. I began at W. 29th and Eighth and ran North to Central Park. It took approximately 13 minutes of running on the watch to get there, but I had to stop for cars and pedestrians occasionally. For awhile I was doing quite well and every road said walk, but I must have changed my pace because that streak didn't last. Once I reached Central Park I ran for awhile inside. I tried to sneak onto their graces, but large sections are fenced off which makes that not possible. I still ended up on cement for most of the run, but at least that section was nicer than the sidewalk [kinda]. I left Central Park and figured I would head down Broadway to return home. After spending an extensive amount of time weaving pedestrians I decided it was not necessary to see all of the theaters on Day 1(or 2). I weaved back and forth between Eighth, Broadway and a few of the streets inbetween and eventually dropped back into rhythm and made my way home. I stretched for a bit, and knew I would nap at some point. 14 hour train rides and cement do not lend to happy legs.

After showering I ate the second half my sub from the day before and went grocery shopping with Nick and Kelly. I figured Joe would be proud of me as I purchased 33 items for 43.64. This, of course, included 12 yogurts at three for a dollar (a steal), but I thought this was pretty good for New York. The yogurts were also non-fat and delicious, but I digress.

After putting my groceries away I consulted TimeOut for things going on. My roommate (Amy), our neighbor (Jess), and one of the guys who lives upstairs (Ries) all went to Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. There was some quality stuff and if I lived here, I would have a new trunk and possibly a sword in my housing. Amy and Jess went back towards 305 to grocery shop while Ries and I decided to walk around some more. We stopped for beverages and band-aids, as my shoes were making the bag of my heels cry red, and then went off adventuring. We decided to head towards Times Square to sit on the "red steps". As we were closing in on the red steps we noticed the street directly to our right was FILLED with people yelling and delicious smells. Happy Brazil Day! Yaaayyy! We had unknowingly walked right into the Brazil Day festivities. Despite not being hungry, we both got a little something to eat and enjoyed the music, bits of dancing, and all-in-all- happy people. There were happy shouts and people greeting one another. The sounds of non-english being spoken were beautiful music. I wish I could have captured the experience for you. After over 2 blocks of people-stuffed streets, Ries and I reached the end and were transplanted back to New York, to Fifth Avenue. We began to walk back and stopped in Grand Central Station, where I had never been. We ended up taking the Subway back home to Penn Station, completing a wonderful adventure.

I took a nap. When I woke up it was time for dinner and I made an egg, cheese, salad, and delicious seasoning wrap. This delicious seasoning was acquired from the Brazilian Festival where I also picked up THEE BEST cajun seasoning I have ever tasted. I watched part of some quality tv shows (not true) and then left to wash my plate. After this I joined a lovely group of people in the next kitchen to make the 'Robbins Chocolate Chip Cookies' recipe. The Robbin's family has my seal of approval. The cookies were delicious and I failed Weight Watcher's. Cookie making led to more socializing, joke making and eventually card tricks and my favorite game of asking everyone questions. These included:

-What did you want to be when you were 6 years old?
-What are you passionate about?
-Are you religious?
-Do you believe in Love?
-What's your favorite piece of playground equipment?

Two of those are mine and you can probably guess at least one of them. It was a great first full day and by 3:30 in the morning, when sleep finally fell upon us, I felt as though I was truly living again.

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