Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The World Spins Madly On

My favorite sound at 8:30 in the morning is vacuuming. No, no, it's not.
However, that is what I was woken up by today (^Monday, now yesterday).

Despite going to bed around 3 or so [as a result of excellent conversation with people who make me laugh] I decided to get out of bed. The chance of me falling back asleep with that noise was slim to none. I sat for a bit and then got dressed to run. I ran to the first theatre I will be working at and then continued on to East Riverside Park. It was a bit of a journey and I did not spend an extensive amount of time at the park, but I was there long enough to take advantage of a bit of their path (most of which I am told is usually under construction) and their 6 lane track. When I arrived on the track my legs were overjoyed. I didn't think they could feel emotion, but as it turns out, they do. My mind may love the city, but my body still YEARNS for trails: dirt paths, crushed lime stone and tree roots to avoid. I am thinking on days off I might try to splurge travel out of the city just once or twice to give my body a real long run. I'll just have to make sure to wear the non-road-rash shorts (Yes, a problem again).

I came home, talked with my mom*, showered, and fixed myself some cereal and yogurt. As I went outside to eat them I ran into a group going out to lunch. I encouraged them to go on and I joined them after they ordered so as to avoid spending money. I had the opportunity to talk to people who I previously hadn't invested much time in, but whose company I really enjoyed. One of these people is the other Sara, and she's a quality person to share a name with. And there is Edward, whose name I keep trying to change (accidentally) and who is working at the [V]- currently with an sm [w] who I think is awesome. He has been there for over a week now and I am hoping I will feel as comfortable as he seems to be.

After lunch we walked to a great bookstore called The Strand. Sadly they didn't have most of the books I was looking for, but I did purchase a Satre book. I am trying to get a deeper knowledge of some of the great philosophers. I wish I had more time to take more classes. I have so much to learn. Why is the unknown always winning? ..I digress... I texted my sister to ask her if there were any books she wanted and while they did not have her request, she did inform me that she had wondered into the store when in New York with Jeff. I liked the idea Anna Jo had been there before. It is a shared experience at different times. Time is such a confusing thing and if we take it away, we were there together.

After the bookstore we returned to 305 for a brief story time in which I only got through one paragraph without making a mistake. I gave up and took a much needed nap. I ate dinner and went to our 8:00 hall meeting.

After the hall meeting a bunch of us went to a restaurant down the street for Amanda's 21st birthday dinner. I had already eaten so I had some sangria and just chipped in for Amanda's dinner. It was another great opportunity to get to know people more. I had not talked to Danielle at all and I had the opportunity to learn more about Kevin as well. While these names mean little to you, I like to look back and watch how relationships formed (or didn't). Point of the story, it was another good investment of time. And, instead of each buying a glass of sangria, Sara- I think it was Sara... and I split a 1/2 L for the same price as buying one glass per person... brilliant.

I returned to 305 and eventually meandered upstairs to the top floor kitchen where cookies were being made again. I suck at 'WW'. They were delicious, that Robbins recipe will be the tummy of me. We immersed ourselves in good conversation and once again moved to the boys' room in time. By 3:30 we were all exhausted and had to put our great religion conversation on hold. I won't divulge into it too greatly, as I have to leave to walk uptown, but I will say this:
1. I am deeply interested in the ideas of Hinduism and
2. It is WONDERFUL to discuss religion with people who know things. It is even more wonderful to discuss religion [and philosophy and other things] with people who know more than you. There were names mentioned that I have never heard of.

Oh knowledge, how much more I wish I retained...

*I talked with my mom about many trivial things as well as one not-so-trivial detail that a good friend of mine from Church, Bill Vobbe had passed away. He always put a smile on my face and TRULY cared about what was going in my life. Since I am not in Ohio it, similar to so many other deaths, is not real to me. Surely, it is a coping mechanism. It is the same way I have dealt with Fred's death. And when I return to Trinity I will look for Fred and Bill every Sunday and I will let myself forget that their bodies will not be there... because they're there anyways. Bodies are unnecessary.

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