Thursday, September 3, 2009

The return to old scenery, a new reality

My time at Hope was well spent. I arrived at night on Saturday. I stopped at the store, picked up grapes, strawberries, over-priced-fat-free cheese, turkey and bread. I ate it for 4 meals. I spent time with current and former runners catching up on what I had missed of their summers. It always amazes me the different things we can find to do to fill our time. We work at camps, hospitals, theaters... It's a blessing that I am given the opportunity to spend time with these people to hear about their experiences.
After Jackie, Amy and I left Emma and Joanne's we went to bed so four of us could wake up for practice in the morning. The team was doing a mile workout, but Jo and a few of the recovering-injured younger girls were just doing mileage. As it turned out, the team was going to the course for the workout so I was allowed to ride the Orange & Blue bus. I was wonderfully excited. I've been oddly nostalgic for the Orange and Blue bus. I had the opportunity to meet some freshmen and talk with other teammates. Contrary to my concerns, Coach introduced me to the bus and it wasn't awkward at all. I had a nice run with Jo and some of the other girls. There is even a freshman who plans to go into lighting and has worked with the designer at K-zoo college. I am slightly envious that she already knows what she wants. Even if she changes her mind, she has already dedicated herself to acquiring a fair amount of knowledge in an area. I, on the other hand, have spent a lot of time meandering. I have still retained a large amount of knowledge, but it's in a wide variety of subject areas.

Anyways, it was a good run. I returned home, showered, ate lunch, ran a few errands, and returned home for a nap. That evening I hung around the house with the girls. I stayed the weekend in the house where I will live in the spring. Saturday night a few of us went to the guys' cross country house where other runners and a few of their friends were gathering. It was nice to see everyone, but a different atmosphere due to the amount of freshmen. The new runners greatly out-number the veterans. I got to know a few of the freshmen (mostly the guys since they were slightly calmer) and spent the majority of my time talking with old friends. Jackie and I walked home that night and ran into my lighting design partner from last fall. The fact that in a 3 block walk, you can run into someone you know at least fairly well, just reminds me of how small Hope College really is. While, at times, this is frustrating, there is something comforting and incredibly homey about it. As excited as I am for this Fall, I am looking forward to the spring as well.

The next morning Emma had Meghan and I over for delicious biscuits. We talked for awhile and I was given more reasons to miss Hope this semester :) It's nice to have so many friends that I can return to and have things feel so effortless. I am hoping it will feel the same in the spring. The girls at the house let me help with organizing a few things and I am hoping the transition will be easy, despite going from 5 to 6 girls. However, a lot will happen before then.

After biscuits with Emma I waited in line at the Windmill for Joe. I would like to recommend that if you ever want to try the Windmill... don't go on a Sunday. Also, don't plan on bringing your Weight Watcher's mentality. Leave it at home, there is no good kid section. We had good conversation though. Mid this conversation Kayley (my friend whom I'd dropped off for the NIN concerts) called to inform me the train schedules were changed and she would not be able to get to South Bend, as we originally planned. Instead, she would be in Gary, IN an hour earlier. I finished my breakfast, speedily dropped by to see Rachel and rushed home to get directions to Gary. After some computer problems I was on the road again.

Kayley chilled for over an hour in Gary, but was fine and, to my relief, relaxed about it. We jumped back on the road and made in back to Ohio before 9 p.m. It was a quick return back to Ohio, but necessary. I spent the next day slightly down, but now I am just beginning to let the reality of New York sink in. I suppose, I should start packing sometime in the next 50 hours...

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