Monday, September 7, 2009


I feel so far behind. In the four days I have not blogged I have made so many mental notes of things to write, many of them have been lost.

I made it to New York safe. Everything in my suitcases fits in my room and the train people didn't even give me hassle. Contrary to the Amtrak I remember from when I went to D.C. over 13 years ago, the people weren't the friendliest. While the journey was long it was easy overall. My parents bought me trail mix and chocolate to make the journey easier. I bought a veggie burger on the train and I, remarkably, still have some of the trail mix and chocolate remaining.
I met a couple people on the train.... Shane, who was going to a wedding, talked with me from 7A to 9A. As much as I enjoyed his company, I had only had 4 hours of sleep (2h at a time) and had difficulty being as enthusiastic about things as he was. I met a few other people, but spent most of my time reading, eating, or sleeping.

Oddly enough, one of my roommates was on the train with me. We waited for her checked luggage and headed to '305' (where we live). Anna, our other roommate was already moved in so Amy and I ended up mostly on the right side of the quad. While I would prefer not to live with 3 other people, there is room for a fourth person. It is nicer living in this space than the double I originally saw. Amy and I grabbed quick sandwiches and journeyed off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for sheets, pillows, towels, and hangers. We weren't sure where to go for pillows, but when I asked a guy on the corner, his friends immediately looked up the address for me. While in the store we met some lovely, helpful people... two even helped me pick the color of towel.

After we returned we socialized for a little bit. There have been new people to meet each day and I'm not doing terribly remembering names, although I am having difficulties with a few.

My computer is currently giving me difficulties so I will leave you at that and attempt to continue later.

From New York with Love...

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Anonymous said...

This is your first post written while living in nyc... pretty exciting considering all the adventures that are yet to be had : ) Don't worry about losing some of the mental notes; you'll still have the feelings.
PS Is "From New York with Love" already taken as a book or play title? If not............