Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Importance of Being Invited

Being invited is one of my favorite ways to be. It makes me feel a part of things and that people want me around. This builds comfort which then transforms into my ability to trust and remain secure around those people.

While it has 3 days or less since I have met the other people in the NY Arts' Program, I am already feeling comfortable around most of them. While I am sure our relationships will all transform and become something greater or less or simply different- there is something precious about this world. They invite people. We invite people. Sometimes it's individual invitations- someone will knock on your door or see you in the hallway, but often it is simply yelling in the stairwell that people are going to lunch. If you stick your head out and ask them to wait for you, they will without a second thought. Of course, we are all low on other commitments, but you get the idea. There may be plenty to worry about [the future], but in the present... I have Faith.

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