Sunday, July 12, 2009

$15 less in England

Some of my friends from the Czech workcamp are on facebook. I was looking at Olga's pictures today and came across 2 pictures I was in. One picture was of a group of us laying in the grass. I tagged myself in that picture. It's a wonderful picture.

Then there was another one of us walking along the path. It wasn't a bad angle, but goodness did my tummy look huge. Taking a serious look, and actually changing my eating and lack of exercise was the best thing I could have done for myself this summer. I have lost almost 10 pounds. There are still plenty of my clothes that do not fit and I still have a little over 10 to go, but I am much closer than I was two months ago.

As far as weight loss goes I have been shedding the pounds relatively slowly, but I am hoping that this just means they will stay off. There has been little-to-no increase of weight, just quite a few days without change. Apparently 3500 calories equal a pound though, so it is not realistic to expect differently.

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