Sunday, July 5, 2009

Invest in Love. The ROI is spectacular.

In a book of Longfellow poems there is an index cards with the words "I love you" written on it.
I was practicing my handwriting; I drew lines:
solid top,
hashed middle,
solid bottom-
to keep the correctly-sized letters straight.
Despite my certainty that the hand-writing is mine, I am unsure how old: 5, 6, 7... I was when I wrote it.
I am even less sure who the 'I love you' was directed towards. Was it to my mother? Father? Self?
Or was I just practicing the words that are important to, but hard to- say;
so I wrote them?

I believe friendships are important. For a good portion of the start of your life there are two kinds of friendship: Best friends and friends. However, I now realize there are many levels of friends. What do you need from them? What can you give them?
I had the opportunity to talk to two of my good friends this evening. I call them good friends for two reasons. One, we are close. They both know a lot about me. The second reason is they invest time and patience and care into the friendship. Jessica, whom I have known for 13 years and Bristol who I have known for 7 months are both people whom I can confide in and feel fuller after talking to them. It was a good night. I am unsure if this late bedtime will lend itself well to waking up to run in the morning, but the time I invested in communication, was so much more important.

Dear friends,

I love you.


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