Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Schedule

July 31:
Run with the girls & Tealla
Final Dress Rehearsal with Apprentices
Sunshine Show with Meredith
Backstage for Apprentices' Show

August 1:
Running in the AM
Apprentices Show
Rocky Horror Picture Show

August 2:
8:30 Soul to Sole 5k
Shopping/Packing for tomorrow
Red's Graduation Party

August 3:
Possibly Toledo for Breakfast?
Chicago, probably out for my birthday

August 4:
Either Holland or Chicago depending

August 5:
Camping with Tim and Rachel in Warren Dunes State Park

August 6:
Hanging out with Tim and Rachel
Back to Chicago for the night

August 7:
Volunteering 10:30-1:30.
Meeting up with Alexis, Anthony & Miller for the remainder

August 8:
Leaving Chicago early in the AM
Lunch with Trevor in Indiana
West Virginia to see Chris & Josh

August 9:

August 10:
Leave WV
Possibly visit Tealla on the way home

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