Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Been figuring the being

I've been in and out of crankiness lately. I'll be having an absolutely wonderful time and then suddenly, out of the blue I'll be mopey or negative about something either unrelated or undefined. I come out as quickly as I fall into it, but it is often so unexpected that I take it out on the people around me. Those people are usually my parents.
I think I need a change of scenery. I think that's what it has always been. So often I'll think I need a break from something because it is wearing me down or... something, but I think it's just the sameness that I am tired of. I am anxious to move forward. So often I love where I am, where I was and where I soon will be so equally that I am exhausted by all the wishing, mourning and being.

Thanking for bearing* with me all this time.

*bear vs. bare

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