Sunday, July 26, 2009

July is ending. Now what?

Once Upon a Mattress has closed. Saturday was our final performance and yesterday was our cast party/SST Alumni picnic. This show was a good way to spend the summer. While I originally had hesitations about the script due to the scripts I encountered during the Spring which invoked so much more thought and passion, the audiences enjoyed the show each night and the actors did a great job presenting it in an entertaining matter. And let's be honest, theatre in America is usually used more for entertainment than for "rehearsal for revolution" (Boal). It has been a really positive summer. I have been able to spend time with friends and foster new friendships. During this past week I spent nearly every night post-rehearsal with friends. Most of these nights involved plenty of laughter, which is always needed. And, while I wasn't especially eager for this show to end, I won't mind when the songs finally stop playing on repeat in my head... whenever that may be.

My sister wanted to surprise me at the show one of the nights, but due to my parents' camping trip, there would've been no one to pick her up from the bus stop to surprise me. Instead she surprised my parents and I picked her up Saturday. Of course, it was still a bit of a surprise because she told me of her original plan on Friday, the day before she arrived and then bought the ticket that night. It's always neat to have your family see what you dedicate your time to. Plus I haven't seen my sister since the wedding I went to a month or so ago. Luckily I'll see her again in a week for my birthday :)

Yesterday my sister, Meghan, Chelsea and I all ran together (at different paces). My sister led pretty much the whole way. I am really excited for her. She is running a half marathon next Sunday and I think she will do really well. I am slightly nervous as I am running a 5k that same day. It's the Soul to Sole race so if I ran terrible that's because I was only running it because it was a good cause, not to prove anything ;) You see, it occurred to me today I haven't ran for myself in about... well I'm not sure, but probably over a month. I consistently run with the high schoolers, pick a group and then hold their pace so whoever in their group can hold the pace longer than the other separates and pushes forward. And when I oversleep or have another obligation and don't run with the high schoolers, I don't run at all. Well, there were a few times I did, but even those were recovery days so I wasn't pushing myself. I don't think I'll do terrible, but I am nervous. I have forgotten how to push past that pain barrier. I am consistently sore these days: hip problems and bad form... and probably tight muscles made worse by now eating enough protein. Oh well, I need to get out there and at least try. Of course, if it were to be a serious effort, I probably shouldn't go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show the night before. Ah, well I'll be tired I s'pose. There will be more races...

I am hoping to regain my identity as a runner yet.
Today I was talking to this kid and he said:
"Oh yeah, somebody said that almost didn't recognize you because you used to be all skinny and stuff"
I'm really hoping whoever that was was referring to my 5th grade skinny and not suggesting I'd changed that much from high school :)

Either way, a 60 minute day, followed by a 70. While they were slow and tomorrow will be a low day, but there's still hope.

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