Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And I was thinking, before that...

The light in front of my neighbor's house was casting shadows of my trees onto my house. I stared at them and tried to remember 16. It was a strange drive home.
One time in Driver's Ed class the instructor was talking about how you should wait a little bit after being physically active before driving. I agreed with her then and agree now, but I still run, stretch and then jump in the car. One only wants to stay in the high school parking lot for so long.

I, unlike most people, kind of enjoyed driver's ed. I made a friend, whose name I have forgotten. We caused all sorts of trouble in class, laughing about things. We didn't have intentions of being rude, we just didn't want to be bored the entire four hours... or however long it was. We ate lunch at Arby's.
For an immature reason, I don't go to that Arby's anymore...
I wish I could remember that kid's name.

Lemmon and I once went to that Arby's. He came up to visit me from Medina. We ate Arby's, played Super Nintendo, and went to Jamie's Flea Market.

So I was sitting in my car, staring at the shadows and realized I couldn't recall anything from that year.

When I was driving home I saw a taxi driving down Cleveland Ave. I thought my eyes were fuzzy. They weren't. I heard Celine Dion on the radio and a car ran a red light. A few moments later a car passed me going over 70 mph. The speed limit is 40.

I don't know why, but the drive home felt like it was in a time before now.

After I sat in the driveway awhile, thinking and thinking, I remembered sitting at Blue Sky with Pastor (then Vicar) Rob. And I began to wonder. If we didn't have names for things like depression, would it exist?

If something happens and no one acknowledges it. Did it happen at all?

There are benefits to not being able to travel time.

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