Thursday, July 9, 2009

Isaac Asimov

I want to invest in everything.
I want to read books on the nervous system and become an expert on organic farming. I know more about dragon flies than I did a year ago. I read about them. They have strange "sex". I want to cook food that is the best you've ever had and put wild berries in your dessert. I want to know Nietzsche and quote the Koran.

I was talking with my friend, Lizzy about learning last night. She is 3 weeks away from her Masters in Library Science. We empathized with each others' quest for knowledge. College just assured us that we would never know as much as we'd like to know.

As Lizzy said:
Doing research in college really raised the issue for me too, because following citation trails will always show you there's some piece of writing just beyond what you've read that you don't have time to get to
but I think how you approach it depends on your outlook on life

She went on to talk about the different ways you can go about learning. You can read the "great works" or focus on classics. You can spend all your time on one subject area or however your interests change. I think part of me blames Matilda. She had read every book in her library. A large part of me wishes I could claim that about the Amherst Library. It is two stories, but if you don't include the reference, magazine or dvd section... it really isn't very big. I, of course, will never read every book in the Amherst Public Library. I even have a couple books on my own shelves I have not read. When expressing my frustration about wanting to read everything, Lizzy reassured my previous behavior by saying that "(she) think(s) the main thing is that you need to read things that interest you, challenge you, and open you to new perspectives"

Well, my good friends, I always get at least 1 of 3. Sometimes I get all three.
Lately, however, I could probably search a little harder for the last requirement.
And thus, is the challenge.
Of course, first I should probably finish the library books I got out a month ago and are now overdue...

Fines... just one more way I support the library.

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