Friday, July 17, 2009

I would say thank you if the words were bigger.

Last night's game night was a success. It wasn't a widely-publicized one like the Winter Game Night, but rather- a wonderful, laughter-filled gathering of 8 friends playing a quality 1-2 hours of Apples-to-Apples. What else can you ask for? Angel food cake, strawberries, blueberries and jell-o? We had that too. Life is good.

Tonight I was invited to go get ice cream and, while I didn't make it in time because I was closing up, being invited has always been my favorite part. Aaaaand, it was probably best for my "reevaluation of nutritional intake".

The scene change rehearsal was a little tiring, but useful. Sunday's cue-to-cue would've been a royal mess if we'd waited until then to organize changes. It's a fair amount of large set moving, but I trust that the cast and crew, with a bit of organization and awareness will make it all happen beautifully.

I am tired and am hoping to get some rest. I have stayed up much too late, yet again. Going to sleep at the proper time has never been my specialty. The best thing about my tiredness is it is all happy tiredness. I am excited for the show. I am nervous for it to be more my responsibility, but have faith in all the preparatory work we have done. I am excited for after the show is done. I will do some more work around the house with my dad that following week. Then it will be the weekend before my birthday. Hopefully I will go to Holland sometime around then. I am still confirming some other plans for the rest of that week, but on that Thursday night I will go (re)visit my sister in Chicago. Friday morning I will volunteer at Lollapalooza in the morning and see shows in the afternoon and at night. Saturday morning I will jump in my car for an 8-9.5 hour drive across a couple states to West Virginia to visit with my hilarious cousin who I have not seen in a ridiculous amount of time. It'll be a long car ride (the longest I've ever driven by myself), but well worth it.

Even if all of my other plans were to fall through (let's hope they occur), just the idea of getting to see my sister, the Kings of Leon, my cousin, Andrew bird, and Ben Folds. I mean, perhaps I'll only be close enough to actually see 2 of the five, but that'd be alright with me.

And running is going well.
I have not been as good about eating. I just eat what I want. It's hard to control eating when I'm running. I stop thinking about it as much because I rationalize that I don't have to. I still have a little ways to go before I can fit into my old clothes. My goal does not seem as realistic as I once hoped and thought, but I can get close... I think.

Anyways, life is good. I am enjoying the company of the people that surround me: friends and family. I am taking care of myself. I am looking forward to the Fall, but don't need it to get out of bed. Today is enough for today. The next day will be for tomorrow.

Goodnight good friends.

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