Friday, February 19, 2010

2 of 40

-Brownies and Jackie who is an excellent sharer
-The prospect of having some "orange floaties" time tomorrow via 84 East, perhaps?
-Chris and his encouraging text... I'm waiting for a board op for my room [and a board]
-An encouraging run-through for "Behind the Uniform"
-Sleeping in [despite negative repercussions]
-People who have experienced God
-Housemates who wake you up from naps
-Have I mentioned the brownies?
-Finally opening the 3 Blind Moose Riesling and it having a super cool cork
-Misspelling Riesling and feeling okay about it
-Having housemates who listen to you ramble about the boys and friends who make you feel cared about... which is funny considering you just go and talk about them to the others... happy doesn't really stay inside me. I need to tell you about it.
-The SUNSHINE. It was bright outside and I even wore my gray jacket without a winter coat earlier in the day
-Not owning expensive shoes in which I'd have to worry about stepping in slush puddles
-Having more time in the theatre and Daina not minding me dropping color
-Character faces and attractive male ice skaters
-Finally do that face thing on a mac computer with Jackie
-Andrew answering my phone call when I needed in the building. I love when people answer phone calls even when they don't have to.
-Ed using the term "deux ex machina" in our fb message
-Facebook messages and wall posts. Let's be honest, reminders from my friends that they are thinking about me, really makes me feel good. I'm not afraid to admit it: I NEED PEOPLE to care about me.


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