Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seven Ate Nine [Wednesday: 8]

So I was thinking and I bet it would've been a great idea if I had thought to list as many things to be thankful for as days of lent it'd been... too bad I just thought of that today... on the 8th day.

Waking up at 9 as I had intended
FINALLY dropping off my prescription, picking up my paycheck, grocery shopping, and going to the bank
The friendly woman at Macatawa Bank
Jeri sharing delicious chex mix
Leonard calling me "sunshine"
Stephen letting me know I didn't need to worry about what I'd been worried about
Solid Hugs
Hanging the proscenium pipe without falling
Text messages during production meetings
Phone calls with Schae-schae
Jackie pulling my car into the garage [AWESOME!]
How much set dressings and lights add to the theatre world
Awesome words like... the one Katie used today. I must send her a message and re-ask...

Good night all. I would like to give you more of an update, but I'm low on time and in need of sleep. Just know I'm working a lot and unsure of where the rest of the time goes. Thanks for all of your love and support.

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